Hip Hop

Recreational Hip Hop classes at Dimensions in Dance run from September to June and are available in one-hour sessions for students aged 4 to adult. Our Hip Hop Program is a fun and energetic dance style that incorporates jazz and street-style moves, providing a great opportunity for students to develop a sense of rhythm and groove to the latest beats.

Attire for Hip Hop classes should be loose-fitting and comfortable, such as shorts, t-shirts, or yoga pants with a top. Clean, new running shoes are required for the feet, and outdoor shoes are not allowed to maintain a clean and safe dance environment.

In addition, Recreational Hip Hop students have the option to participate in our annual Christmas Show and Year-End Performance, where they can showcase their skills and talents on stage. Join us now and let’s dance to the rhythm of Hip Hop! Register today and be part of the fun-filled dance experience at Dimensions in Dance.